Refresh. Page Load. 2011.

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I TOLD MYSELF¬† I’d start blogging. In January 2010.

Guess what? I never did. So here I am; trying again.

But I’m clearer about what I’d want my blog to be, just like how I’m clearer of how I’d like my life to be.

I suppose it’s one of those things that come with time. Like a camera lens focusing; the subject matters are clearer.

But more on that later.

NEW YEAR’S EVE felt like something I just “eased” into. I don’t have a list per say; but I have a sense of things. Of who I wanna be, what I wanna achieve, things I need to do.

This blog for example. I know I wanna start doing this again.

So here I am; monologue-ing into cyberspace.

Game on.

Some highlights of 2010 (still working through this list) :

  1. I registered Jason Ding Enterprise
  2. Wedding facts: attended 11 of em.  I was a bestman for 2, Emceed for 1, Songled at 1, Performed at 1.
  3. Stood onstage in front of at least 14000 people. (GDOP2010) the largest crowd thus far.
  4. Organized a fundraising event for Dream Village – That Awesome Gig (28 Aug)
  5. I killed a squirrel. Brutally. Dec.
  6. Appeared in the papers. NST’s SME segment (17 Sept)
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